Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Review

Designed by: Tobey Ho

Published by: Grey Fox Games

Plays: 4-12 Players


Be a police detective in Hong Kong as a murder investigation is under way, but be careful who you trust as one of your own committed the foul deed. Only the Forensic Scientist can provide evidence to help narrow down the suspects but it is still up to the investigators to interpret the information given to them to find what truly happened. On top of this the murderer is still hidden in the ranks and constantly attempting turn suspicion away from themselves and onto the other investigators. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a social deduction game that thrives on the interpretation of the facts when very limited information is available. In a time where social deduction games are coming out left and right, the question is if Deception is strong enough to stand out in the crowd.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

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Top Ten Games in 2016

Top 10 in 2016

2016 was an amazing year in gaming for us. We played more board games this year then ever before. Our collection keeps growing and we keep having more chances to get both old and new games to the table. That being said, here are our favorite board games played in 2016. These games were not necessarily released in 2016, but games we have rated based off of what we enjoyed the most over the course of the year and what games created the best memories for us.

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20 Games Under $20, Right Now!

20 Under $20

The Holiday shopping season is upon us at last, which means a lot of us will be picking up some board games whether it be for ourselves or as gifts for friends and family. With the sheer number of games out there it can be difficult and overwhelming trying to find good ideas out there, so we made this list to help people find some really good ideas for what games to get. As an added bonus every game on here is under $20 (These prices are as of writing this article at Amazon), so if you are looking for something small to round out a bigger present, a small gift exchange, or stocking-stuffers then this is the list for you.

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Giant List of Halloween Games

Halloween Board Games

As Halloween approaches we found ourselves looking for good games to stay in the holiday spirit. We quickly began looking through our board game collection looking for games that would work well for a fun Halloween party. This also led to us doing some research to see if there was anything we were missing (since we could also use an excuse to get more games). We quickly found many lists of scary/horror/zombie games but many were either quite old or only had a few suggestions.

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Top 5 Family Games

Family Games with the Cat

As it is the summer we find ourselves spending a lot more time with our families. Between barbecues, pool parties, and camping trips there are a lot of opportunities to play more games with all sorts of different people. Which brings us to the list, our Top Five Family Games. To us a family game is a game that is simple to teach, works well with a wide range of players, and works well with all ages. These games are games we feel confident bringing almost anywhere and knowing we can teach it and people will have fun. With that being said, let’s get onto the list!

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Cat Tower Review

Designed by: Aza Chen

Published by: Pandasaurus Games

Plays: 3-6 Players


Cat Tower is all about stacking adorable cats on top of each other. Each player takes turns adding their cats to the tower trying not to make it all topple over. Sounds easy enough but as the tower builds up any wrong movement could cause it to come crashing down. If you can get rid of all of your cats you win, but this will require a fair amount of coordination, luck, and skill. Will you be able to get rid of all your cats before the tower comes tumbling down?

Cats Being Stacked

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If you like Risk, you might like…

The Game of Global Domination

Risk, the classic game of war and betrayal, is a game of world domination where each player amasses an army and attempts to take control of the various regions of the world. With an endless series of battles, alliances, and betrayals, Risk has always been an intense game of intrigue. However Risk does have it’s flaws. Games that can seemingly stretch forever, players who are removed from the game and sometimes very quickly into a game, and mechanics that just feel dated and awkward. So maybe the next time Risk is brought to the table you could try one of these.

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Mission: Red Planet

Second Edition

Designed by: Bruno Cathala & Bruno Faidutti

Published by: Fantasy Flight Games

Plays: 2-6 Players


In this steampunk world, you take charge of an ambitious company who has set its sights on Mars, but you are not the only ones. In Mission: Red Planet you must out maneuver your competition by any means necessary as you hire pilots, soldiers, and even saboteurs in order to gain control of the red planet. At the end the winner will be the company that has survived its ruthless competitors, made best use of your scientists discoveries, and monopolized the sparse martian resources.

Mission: Red Planet

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