Giant List of Halloween Games


As Halloween approaches we found ourselves looking for good games to stay in the holiday spirit. We quickly began looking through our board game collection looking for games that would work well for a fun Halloween party. This also led to us doing some research to see if there was anything we were missing (since we could also use an excuse to get more games). We quickly found many lists of scary/horror/zombie games but many were either quite old or only had a few suggestions.

So we created this list, which is all of our games we are thinking of playing for our Halloween game night. The following list contains both games that we own, have played, and even games we are just thinking of getting. So while we can definitely recommend some of these games, we have not played all of these so make sure to keep that in consideration.

Note: Look for the '' symbol next to the name of the game for the games we own and have actually played.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf | Bézier Games 

A very quick version of the classic werewolf game, work to figure out the truth about what happened during the night and root out the werewolf in your village but be careful as if you lynch one of your own the werewolves will win!

Player count: 3-10  | Play Time: 10 minutes

Betrayal at House on the Hill | Wizards of the Coast

This thematic cooperative game is all about exploring a creepy old mansion. Until you are about half way in, in which the big reveal or 'Haunt' occurs and suddenly you realize one of the players lured you into their trap. Every game is different as you find yourselves in the middle of a different horror movie every game.

Player count: 3-6  | Play Time: 60 minutes

The Bloody Inn | Pearl Games

Run your own version of the Bates Motel. Be a murderous innkeeper trying to get rich, just make sure you hide the bodies before the police get too curious!

Player count: 1-4  | Play Time: 30-60 minutes

Mysterium | Libellud 

Work together to try to solve a murder from many years ago, receiving visions from a ghost giving visions of what happened that fateful night. An interesting asymmetrical game as one player takes the role of the ghost while the rest are physic detectives. Hopefully the detectives can interpret these cryptic messages before the clock strikes midnight so the ghost can finally be put to rest.

Player count: 2-7  | Play Time: 42 minutes

Zombicide: Black Plague | Cool Mini Or Not

Battle through hordes of zombies and their necromancer masters with swords, bows, and magic. Each mission will bring new challenges for you to face in this awesome fantasy medieval world as you fight alongside your friends.

Player count: 1-6  | Play Time: 60-180 minutes

Time Stories | Space Cowboys

A story in a box, In Time Stories you are time travelling agents searching for the cause of a paradox that is affecting the future and trying to prevent it. The module in the first box, Asylum you are in a creepy insane asylum set in the early 20th century. If you are looking for something more action oriented but still fitting for Halloween you can also get the Marcy Case expansion!

Player count: 2-4  | Play Time: 90 minutes (per session, a whole story goes for 4-8 hours)

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition | Fantasy Flight Games

Set in the famous Lovecraftian Cthulhu universe, be an investigator confronting cultists and unspeakable evils in four scenarios where you will solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and battle to keep your sanity.

Player count: 1-5  | Play Time: 120-180 minutes

Letters from Whitechapel | Fantasy Flight Games 

Take the role of the detectives in 1888 London. Jack the Ripper has just begun his killing spree and it is up to you to catch him before he slips away for good. Or be the notorious Ripper himself, murder your victims while the police are right on your trail.

Player count: 2-6  | Play Time: 120 minutes

Ghost Stories | Repos Production

A small village is under attack by the lord of hell himself and his legions of ghosts. Take control of a small band of monks defending the village by fighting off ghosts while trying to prevent the lord of hell to return to life.

Player count: 1-4  | Play Time: 60 minutes

Dark Moon | Stronghold Games

A mix between Alien and The Thing, you find yourselves at a mining colony on Titan, the dark moon of Saturn. Someone dug too deep and unleashed an ancient virus that is infecting people. Will the uninfected manage to survive until help arrives or will the infected manage to destroy them all.

Player count: 3-7  | Play Time: 60-75 minutes

King of Tokyo | Iello

Be a giant monster trying to take over Tokyo in this fun yet simplistic dice game. If monsters like King Kong and Godzilla are not Halloween enough for you, there is a Halloween expansion adding two new monsters, themed dice, and costumes!

Player count: 2-6  | Play Time: 30 minutes

Dead of Winter | Plaid Hat Games

A zombie semi-cooperative game where each player is part of a colony of survivors trying to survive the harsh world while making tough choices, killing zombies, and never knowing who you can trust.

Player count: 2-5  | Play Time: 45-210 minutes

Eldritch Horror | Fantasy Flight Games

Another Lovecraftian game, go on a globetrotting adventure as you fight unspeakable evils and otherworldly horrors trying to save the world and prevent any of the Elder Gods, such as great Cthulhu himself, from returning to our world.

Player count: 1-8  | Play Time: 120-240 minutes

Elder Sign | Fantasy Flight Games

What is essentially a dice version of Eldritch Horror, you are still working to prevent the Elder Gods return but strictly within the confines of a museum. Battle monsters, pass challenges, and roll dice. Lot's of dice.

Player count: 1-8  | Play Time: 90 minutes

Gloom | Atlas Games

Take control of an odd family (that feels very much like the Addams Family) while you try to be the most unfortunate and miserable family of the bunch. Remember to quickly kill off your family before any good luck comes their way!

Player count: 2-5  | Play Time: 60 minutes

Fury of DraculaFantasy Flight Games

Be Dracula as he is traversing all across Europe gaining influence and leaving more and more victims in his path, or play as the hunters searching for Dracula and trying to defeat him before he gets too powerful.

Player count: 2-5  | Play Time: 120-180 minutes

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong | Grey Fox Games

Be a part of the Hong Kong police as a murder investigation is underway. The Forensic Scientist is providing clues to try and identify the murderer but it is up to you to piece all of the clues together. Be careful of who you trust however, as this murder was an inside job.

Player count: 4-12  | Play Time: 20 minutes

So many spooky Halloween games to choose from! What do you think? Any games on here that you would recommend for or against? Any games you think we are missing? Let us know down in the comments!